Friday, December 3, 2010

costume for the day - opening night

opening day/night for "best christmas pageant ever" was today!! 
i wore a vintage dress (thrift store!), red belt (either my mom's or grandmother's), white tights (mother's sock drawer), brown leggings (gifted from sister), newsboy hat (costume closet), and a leather bomber jacket (a store called half of half...basically everything is 1/4 the original price). 
the building i'm in front of is the theatre we perform in.
isn't it amazing?!

i had the most miserable night last night. terrible dreams.
i mean, seriously, every person i've ever had an issue with showed up in my dream.
and so i awoke. needing more sleep.
but there were children showing up at the theatre. because we had a special show for the 3rd graders of the local elementary school at 8am. pretty sure they were tired too.
(not too lively of an audience)

and when we got home afterwards...i took the longest nap of the century.
i was so tired, that i slept with my hat still on. uncomfortable...but convenient. 
and then tonight...we had the best audience!
and a really great show.
such fun!!! :)
i love theatre.

and so. i think this is the best costume for the day.


Patrizia said...

aren't thrift store finds great? I really like what you found & I love that building in the photo!

Michaela said...

CUTE outfit, Rebecca! Love. :)

Melissa Renee said...

You are soooo adorable. (: