Thursday, December 23, 2010

all wrapped up! :)

okay. so you've got the perfect gift...but WAIT it's christmas eve eve and they aren't wrapped yet. what to do...what to do. if you're a really awesome person, you like to be super original with your gifting...don't gift wrap your awesome gift with boring ol' christmas paper...but a totally awesome these:

all wrapped up with...what is that...pages from a book?! genius. AND a red bow atop?! yes. i think i'm in love.

how about stitched wrapping...fabric? ummm...YES!

brown paper packages tied up with string...literally!

what do YOU do with left over newspapers?

i'm a terrible gift wrapper...but when i do wrap...i love to make it special! 
do you have any cool gift wrapping ideas?
happy christmas eve eve! :o)

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