Wednesday, December 22, 2010

vintage hat!! :)

I am SO a "wait until the last possible moment" kind of person. unfortunately. but yesterday was probably my most successful day of gift shopping...EVER. I was great.

I can't share all of my awesome finds with you today...because, well, they're going to some friends who might be reading this. but today I'm exchanging gifts with one of my older sisters, so I'll share her's with you! :)

isn't this hat awesome?! I found it half off...and I kind of want to steal it. haha. it was in a really awesome booth with all sorts of vintage clothes, gloves, and hats. all half off! I was really tempted to get a dress...but it was marked FIRM. sad day.

also. as I was shopping...I came upon this CREEPY mechanical gnome/elf with a saw that moves back and forth. it scared me out of my wits!! I had to take a video.

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Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I wouldn't leave that gnome unwatched! He looks like he's up to something... lol