Monday, December 20, 2010

last minute gift ideas!

wait. WHAT?! it's almost christmas??? 
are you a "wait until the last possible minute" kind of person like i am? 
if so, here's a few AWESOME tutorials and links to perfect gifts! i am in love with them all.

such a cute, easy, affordable way to create unique headbands. whip a few of those up, and voila! a great gift for any lovely lady you know! :)

oh my stars. this cute birdie pincushion is just the cutest gift i've ever seen. perfect for any seamstress/crafter you know!

a really awesome tutorial! fun coasters to give. unique and colorful!!

perfect for the little "monsters" in your life. easy toys to make...but super cute!

nice and warm felt house shoes! i want some! and choose any sort of decorative flower/anything for the top.

hope these helped you out in your procrastination! 
i think i'm going to have whip up a few of these myself...
do you know of any other fun tutorials??? let me know!
happy early christmas! :)


Amber Noella said...

"oh my stars!" (haha, love that!) I am a procrastinator =)
Thanks for these!

Unknown said...

I like all gift ideas but this is so nice and cute gift for someone "coasters".......!!!!