Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the little things.

i hadn't intended on writing any more about the play...but something uber special happened today. remember the third graders who came to see a special viewing of the best christmas pageant ever...? well, they all wrote thank you cards to the cast...with pictures of their favorite scene! (i love seeing the different perspectives each kid had on the play!)

it just made my heart happy to see all those pictures. and even many kids who seemed to relate to my character (imogene herdman). and i'm just praying that maybe God spoke to at least one (if not MORE) through the show...and through my character. and just maybe one of them heard the TRUE meaning of christmas for the first time. isn't that the most exciting thing?!

this last picture is my favorite. *sniffle* these 3rd graders don't know how much they brightened my day today.