Sunday, December 19, 2010


last night was the last performance of bcpe. we cleaned up the church that had asked us to perform. and headed over to another church to have the cast party. amongst bloopers, awards, and dancing the jitterbug...we had a swell time! i then proceeded to spend the night at the lovely hoover household. unbeknownst to me that there was a secret going on that whole day!

i got home this morning and my mom says she wants to discuss the upstairs sewing room...possible organization and decoration and so on. i say sure. we walk up the stairs. and i see this "R" with a giant pair of scissors hanging on the door:

and i says to myself...what is thiiiiiiis?! and i thinks to myself...GASP! and i opens the door...and SHAZAM! magic has occurred while i was away. and apparently two little elves have been at work (aka my two older sisters) making the upstairs sewing room beautiful! an early christmas present. 

i love my secretive, plotting, wonderful family!!!
check out the upstairs sewing room blog for more pictures and details! :)


Anna Olivia said...

oooh, it's adorable!*!*!*!

Anna Ambrose said...

That is the cutest sewing I've ever seen. =D

Miss Ryleigh said...

Oh my Lord!! That is beautiful!!! :D Girly, your family is amazing. I will be coming over quite soon *wink wink* to examine this!!

Savannah :o) said...

Oh my! It's amazing! I love the "whimsical fancy" on the wall! :)

Atlanta said...

Ooh! What a wonderful surprise! I'm heading over to the other blog to see the pictures right now!!

Sisters of Grace said...

What an amazing suprise!