Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5 very extremely happy things :)

heylo! haven't been on lately...but i've been finding some pretty awesome stuff on tumblr and pintrest that i just HAD to share!! :) 

okay so you know i love stripes right? how about a black and white striped room?! next time i have the opportunity to paint a room...this is what it's going to look like!! :)

these are awesome hangers. yes they are. what a neat-o DIY project!! if i ever had my own store the clothes would definitely be on cool hangers like these.

i really want to learn how this was done. any ideas??

so apparently the whole "menswear" is totally in fashion this season. i think this girl is rockin' the look. LOVE :)

and i shall leave you with this yummy delicious dessert. cookies and creme cheesecake cupcakes. did anything every sound better than that? nope? that's what i thought.

p.s. my dear friends. i've been unable to do a lot of posting lately. if you want to keep in touch you can follow me on twitter. i post several times a day. i hope you are all well and good! hoping to get back in the groove of posting after the SAT on saturday. pray for me!! :)


Patrizia said...

I can really go for one of the Oreo, cheesecake thingies.....

Mary said...

Good luck, the SATs aren't as bad as people make it out them to be. Just go fast and relax! Hope you do well.

SisterlyLove said...

Ooh, those hangers! That dessert!!

I'm thinking you could make that french braid if, while you are french braiding you hold it away from your head rather than braiding really close to the scalp like you usually do to make a tight french braid. You are almost braiding straight out from the back of the head. Then, I think if you were to hold your left hand farther away from the scalp than your right it would give it that "swoopy" look. I'm so technical!
;) This is all assuming you already know how to french braid.

Did that make any sense at ALL?!


Savannah :o) said...

I love the cupcakes! :) I think on the braid, you might could do a french braid, but as you go down, kind of braid to the side a little. . maybe! :) Good luck on the SAT! I know you'll do great! :o)