Saturday, January 15, 2011

because i love pumpkin that much.

i went to the store and bought three cans of pumpkin puree. 
don't judge me. 
pumpkin is just my favorite.

and so i found a pumpkin parfait recipe on my new favorite recipe site and thought i'd try it out. 
don't tell me that doesn't look delish.

would those just be the coolest desserts to serve at a party!? talk about original.

my note: i didn't quite like the gingersnap cookies (they're just not my favorite). i'm thinking some vanilla or chocolate wafers would have been YUMMERS. also make sure you have a good ration of pumpkin and cream (like 2:1)...too much cream makes it...well...too creamy. also. i had some leftover ones in the fridge and ate one the next day. i liked it even better because the cookies were completely gooey and everything was just lovely. if you like your cookies hard...only let them sit a few hours.

anyways. let me know if you make them! i thought they were delish. next up...pumpkin creme pie. yesssss!

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