Monday, January 3, 2011

chickfila, anthropologie, and starbucks.

today was an AMAZING day!!! soooo awesome. my good friend maddy got an anthropologie gift card for christmas and she invited me to help her figure out what to get! along the way we just haaaad to stop at chickfila and starbucks (of course). i don't think there are three places that make me happier. grrrrreat day!

oh. and p.s. i have some friends. with really awesome blogs. you should totally check them out. not the friends. the blogs. well. the friends are pretty awesome too...just sayin (even if two of them have their heads in the clouds). they loooove followers (so do i!)... :D


Sarah said...

I feel so loved!:) I made it on my favorite person ever's blog! :)

And by the way, I think when I was trying to think of a name for my blog I saw Morgan's name, but I did so subconsciously. So I copied her, but I didn't mean to.

Mary Rose said...

Hello! I'm an aspiring photographer who just got her first SLR for Christmas and couldn't be more excited. ;) I love your style of photography and was wondering what kind of editing program you use. If you don't mind my asking. :) Also, might you have any learning tips you might be able to share with me? I'd appreciate any help. :)

Mary Rose~

rebecca jane said...

sarah! haha...yay! i love being your favorite person ever. lol.

mary rose - thank you so much for the compliment! how very exciting about your new camera! :) i use adobe lightroom as my editing program. however, some pictures (like the ones above) were taken from my iphone and edited with the instagram app. hope this helps! as for tips...i don't know too much about camera technicalities...i've never been to a photography school, or taken classes. i think you just have to have a creative eye and be able to monkey around with settings and edits until it turns out like you want. it's also to have different pictures/photographers to use as a model until you develop your own style.

let me know if you need any other advice! i'm more than happy to oblige! :)