Sunday, January 30, 2011

costume for the day - the colorful spy

i found a trench coat friday at a thrift store for only $5!! soooo...i wore it the first chance i could (which happened to be today). i found my dress several weeks ago at a "half of half" store. originally it was *gasp* $60...but i found it for *even bigger gasp* $6!!! I really, really love it. michelle thinks i look like a spy because of my trench...but i don't know how much "blending in" i could do with my bright yellow dress, scarf, and tights. :) 

and so. i think this is the best costume for the day.

happy sunday!!! :o)

1 comment:

Anna Ambrose said...

That is the most adorable outfit ever!! I love it!!

Don't ya just love thrift stores? I love to shop there for costumes when I do theatre, but I also love to look for those everyday wear treasures. :D