Saturday, January 1, 2011

let's take a glimpse at 2010.

everybody's doing's a review of 2010 with pictures, links, etc:

in january, we made a silent (mini) film with some friends. i auditioned for the part of hodel in fiddler on the roof (and got it!!). my niece piper was born. and i got a ukulele!

in february, we got A LOT of snow!! i learned a song on my uke. sewing in the past got 50 followers and reached 100 posts. we hosted little women of 2010 and got some great entries. and we made some fun inspiration posters based on little women.

in march, i made a super secret spy purse for my sister sara before her trip to bolivia. my family went to beaumont ranch reenactment. i entered my ruffly belt in a contest. i turned 16!! :) and we started working on my upstairs sewing room.

in april, i entered a secondhand fashion week and won. we went to the shannon's and they helped paint our fiddler on the roof set. i danced my heart out at my homeschool cotillion. we went to mexia civil war reenactment. and i did a photoshoot with my buddies.

in may, my buddies and i unknowingly auditioned for an opera in a parking garage. my fashion design class got the honor to tour a clothing collection full of antiques and designer clothing. i made summer goals. my theatre group performed fiddler on the roof. and i did an epic photoshoot with a good friend.

in june, i did a photoshoot downtown with my buddies. i went on vacation with the family...and met aragorn (in wax form). my niece and nephew came for a visit. we started to empty out my upstairs sewing room. and sewing in the past hosted a blog parade.

in july, we celebrated my buddy morgie's 16th birthday. sewing in the past got 99 followers. i entered (and placed) in a online photography contest. i did an AWESOME photoshoot with my buddy atlanta. i celebrated another birthday with my buddy ryleigh. i made a music video. and i was commissioned to make curtains for a costume shop!

in august, *gasping for air* i made a skirt. finished my bedroom curtains. introduced you to my crazy cat. found an emergency chocolate cake recipe. went on a summer adventure. and discovered how to conquer my fear of grasshoppers.

in september, i got bangs. the upstairs sewing room got painted. i went to football games. i attended the hottest and strangest reenactment ever. i started cooking alot. i wished my little sister a happy 9th. i ate helium. and i bid my sister sara adieu for a few months.

in october, i admitted my love for chickfila. i wished dad a happy __ birthday. theatre continued. i decided driver's ed is out to get me. i went to a pumpkin patch (i love pumpkins). and i won "best female actress in a supporting role in a non-musical".

in november, we made chemistry fun by naming a ballon vladmir. we went to an awesome fall party. we put up posters for the next play: best christmas pageant ever. we went to see LES MIS 20th ANNIVERSARY. we celebrated a lovely day of thanksgiving (and christmas) with family. and i started getting in character by smoking a (fake) cigar...for the play.

and in december, i confessed my fear of santa claus. i wished my nephew graham a happy 1st. our play was a success. we were sent some sweet letters. i got my BRACES OFF!! i got a happy happy surprise. and i had an amazing christmas.

these pictures. and links. and stories barely sum up 2010. so much happened. and this is just a little glimpse! 2010 was a year that i've been looking forward to for a very long time and for many reasons. there's a lot of things i thought would be different by 2011. and there's a lot of things i never imagined would be different by 2011. and yet God has a way of surprising us. and showing us we haven't got any control over what happens. and each year i've learned to trust more on Him and not on anything i can do. God has blessed me and my family more than i can say. and i just continue to thank Him everyday for His continuous support, love, and guidance.

goodbye 2010.
2011...let's see what you can do!

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Anna Olivia said...

Looks like you had QUITE the year!* =)I enjoyed all the photos!~