Monday, January 24, 2011

a little looksy.

well fellow bloggers, followers, and friends, the SAT is done, over, forever (if i got an agreeable score). what does this mean?? more blogging time, of course! :) i've missed you guys! in case you're interested...which you may not's a little looksy at what i've been up to:

school, school, and...oh will it every end?!

giving and receiving thank-you notes. i kind of love snail mail. it's the best.

MUSIC MAN!!! i am loving this show and the amazing cast. each rehearsal is SUCH fun.

eating. a lot. i am in love with food. too bad i'm kind of on a diet. kind of. not really.

and wishing my niece baby piper a happy uno! isn't she a doll?! oi. 

well dearies. tomorrow i'm taking a very special test. the test you dream of taking all your life...happens about when you turn 16. and though i've been 16 for quite a while....i'm taking the test tomorrow. i must admit i'm dreadfully nervous. i'll let you know how it goes!! :)

i've missed y'all... :D


Madison said...

you can do it! we're all praying for ya over here!

Miss Ryleigh said...

MUSIC MAN!!! :D Ahem... I mean... I have two of those thank you cards! :D Woohoo!