Friday, January 7, 2011

little sisters are pretty awesome.

pretty sure my little sister is awesome. even if she does give strange compliments:

"rebecca, you have eyes like a giraffe."

i mean...sometimes it's hard to know how to respond to those kind of compliments....



SisterlyLove said...

ha ha ha! That's precious. :) just means they're big and brown and pretty!


Sarah said...

I rated it "amusing". you should be very proud of me. it looked like i was playing tug-a-war with the mouse because it WAS amusing, but, poppycock is so much fun! But I resisted temptation and rated it according to what I thought it was.
:) haha

Madison said...

yeah at least you don't have duck feet....Michelle, REBECCA, and SARAH!! ;P

Sarah said...

haha. Well I think she said I was a dolphin... not really sure how to take that one either:P I like dolphins but im not sure i want to look like one:) haha