Tuesday, January 11, 2011

party in the kitchen :o)

last night mom and dad were at a meeting, so michelle and i decided to finally bake our christmas cookies. even though christmas is over. she started asked if she could even wear an apron. haha. she gets really excited about these sorts of things. 

and then she started pretending we were maids...baking cookies for the king and queen. and she'd go into the living room and tell them the cookies were almost ready. it was pretty cute.

i also got to wear my new apron for the first time! my friend morgan made it for me for christmas...fashioned after the anthropologie one (pictured below). i think she did an AMAZING job. the only problem was, i didn't want to get it dirty so i started wiping my hands on michelle's apron. defeating the purpose of wearing my own apron in the first place! :)

i love nights like these SO much :) and the end result is always very delish!


Michaela said...

Awww...Rebecca, that is so sweet!! I really enjoyed the pictures and reading about your fun sisterly moment. <3

Atlanta said...

How fun! Michelle is so cute!

and I love the apron!