Thursday, January 27, 2011 finally happened! :)

okay, remember when i was going to get my driver's license in the summer? and then the fall? remember my ode to driver's ed? well guess what...?! i finally took my test and got my license!!! woohoo! that's the short story. if you're interested in the long, drawn out, ridiculous story...scroll down.
i'd like to start this off by telling you how FREAKED OUT i was. i have no idea why...i know it's possible to retake the test...but my nerves were just...on edge. i was tense and i nearly got sick this morning. my goodness!! AH! haha.

monday: mom = goes to the DPS. asks what needs to be done for my driver's test. is told to call back at 8am to schedule it. me = nervous beyond all imagination tossing and turning all night.

tuesday 8:15am: mom = calls the DPS to schedule the test. DPS = "i'm sorry you have to call one day in advance to schedule a testing time." mom = "...umm...we were there yesterday and they said to call today." DPS = "you were misinformed." mom = *grrr*

wednesday 9am: mom = calls DPS to schedule test for THURSDAY. DPS = "okay. but the rules changed today and you have to come in today to do the paperwork." mom = URGH!!!!! "alrighty...thank you very much." so we go up to the DPS and do the paperwork. DPS = "okay now take your hat off so i can take your picture." me = AAAHHH!!!!! "ummm...can i run to the bathroom real quick?" DPS = "sure." okay, please know i had woken up, put my hair in a ponytail, and pulled a hat atop. oh dear. but i'm only going to have it until march because it has to be redone when i turn 17. soooo... umm. also i could just *barely* see the 5th line in the eyesight test. i juuuuust might need an eye test....maybe.

thursd- oh. today: me = after a restless night, wakes up and is so's tough to describe. as we drive up there i miss the turn...and we get there *just* on time. i get to the up to the beginning of the test (where you have to back up straight, parallel park, etc.). starts off terrible. my parallel parking was a FAIL. umm. i have no idea how i passed. the driving went really well, though. and mom got in the car (my driver's license in hand) and i just cried.

i'm so glad this is over. hahaha.


Amber Noella said...

I know, I was a wreck too! Good job! It's over ;)

Annie (larkin) said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you! Congratulations- it's over, and you succeeded!

In Christ,

Emma Pearl said...

Oh! You poor thing! I have yet to take the driving test... but simply getting my permit has been a HUGE hassle. Grr....


Kristin said...

Congrats! I got my license the day after my 17th birthday, and I was a complete wreck. :) Thankfully, I didn't have to parallel park. Or I probably wouldn't have passed. :) Anyway, driving is exciting and gets more fun the more you do it!


Anna Olivia said...


And no fair - because I want my license. NOW. ;)

SisterlyLove said...

Whew! Good for you!

The people at our DMV are always contradicting each other as well! Get the story straight please!!!

Glad it's over for you. :)