Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 happy things.

hello friends. i'm very happy to announce another 5 happy things on the blog! woohoo! i love finding all these fun pictures, tutorials, hairstyles, recipes, and outfits to share with you every week! i hope you enjoy looking at these! :)

love this. she is so adorable.

genius! i want a camera cover just like this!!

i neeeeeed a tutorial for this style!

i love all the pretty colors together!

totally going to make these!!!

today i got my SAT score! 1900...which is pretty awesome for my first try! i think i might try to do it again and improve my math score...but i'm very excited about the score that i got! yay!

i also got my eyes checked today. the worst part was when you sit in the chair, looking at a little laser, and they tell you that there are about to be some puffs of air that go into your EYES! AAH! it was terrible. you know it's coming...and then POOF! "next eye" POOF, again! oy. turns out i need reading i got to pick out a pair...and i really am excited for them to come in next week:

p.s. there are three more spots left on this post! if you like specially awesome gifts be sure to comment!


Katie said...

pie pops??? GENIUS.

Anna Olivia said...

:wants a pie pop:

Do you have the recipe for those? =)

Unknown said...

Love the glasses! Pie pops? Are you kidding me? I must try! And that picture right above the pie pops? Splendid!

Gaby said...

Oh I know those horrible poofs!! I hated it when I got my eyes checked. ;)