Friday, February 4, 2011

5 winterish happy things.

my dears, i have been stuck inside for five days. why? well. it has a little something to do with white stuff falling from the sky. i'll let you know...i love snow...but i hate cabin fever. aaaand that's what i'm starting to experience. but, you see, texas is so unprepared for snow...that everything shuts down until the snow begins to melt. and for the first time in a very long time...its been 5 days and instead of snowed some more this morning. so as i'm stuck inside the house...i decided to share some snow-y pictures i've been oogling over for the past few i was wishing for snow.

not only does the fire look heavenly...but i'd like all of those socks as well, please.

i don't know why anyone would be bicycling in galoshes with a bunch of yarn in their basket...but i kind of wish that was me.

those gloves, that scarf, the purple pants...all to die for! plus, of course, a snow ball is always such fun.

this girl looks really, really cold. but SUCH a fun picture!

the boots. the tights. the dress. the snow. everything is perfect.

to tell you the truth, i haven't gone outside once since it snowed. and i'm thinking i should get all bundled up, throw a snowball, and take some pictures today. what say you?

p.s. here's my whole pinterest album of winter lovin.


Unknown said...

I also want to be the girl in the picture with the bike! What lovliness!

Sarah said...

yes. go outside tromp around in the snow for a while and take some pictures! :)