Saturday, February 5, 2011

costume for the day - snowed in!

today marks day 6 of being snowed in and not able to leave the house. i think i'm slowly going mad. today was the first day i actually went outside, however. it was lovely because...THE SUN WAS OUT!! woohoo!! so. happy. aaaand it made taking pictures much easier ;)

today i wore a yellow blouse (stolen from my mom's closet), skirt (thrifted for $3), purple tights (target), gray socks & black boots (both stolen from the costume closet).


have a great weekend! :)


Unknown said...

I love the yellow and the purple together, very nice pictures!

Sereina said...

I love the purple! The bright and cheerful colors remind me of spring/summer.

SisterlyLove said...


Hmm.. I just saw this print and immediately thought of you! :)