Thursday, February 17, 2011

favorite spring '11 looks.

i've been seeing some LOVELY spring '11 looks that i'm super excited about! not that i'll ever be able to get any, mind you, but i love checking out the styling!

i've been seeing a lot of muted colors, pattern mixing, long socks with boots or wedges, natural hair, hats/fedoras, and, most importantly, vintage inspired looks! :D

j. crew


orla kiely



Lauren Moffat

p.s. some of these outfits are shorter or lower than my "personal standard" of dressing. but i'm in love with styling and fabric choices, which is my purpose of sharing.

p.p.s my driver's license came in the mail the other day. oh the horror!


Unknown said...

What lovely, lovely colors adn styles! I can't wait for spring! You know what? I've never met anyone who's happy with their license photo! But then again, I've mostly talked to gilrs about this subject, do guys even care?

Joanna said...

Cute! I love the more muted and paisley colors. :-)

RamsGirl said...

I want to get a pair of Oxfords SSSOOOOOO BAD!!!