Friday, February 11, 2011

my official "valentine-ish" post.

here it is. my official valentine-ish post. because i feel like it is necessary. AND because i've found some FUN valentines tutorials and pictures and ideas lately that i just HAVE to share! :) 

photojojo - they have some cute ideas to incorporate photography into valentines! 

modcloth - need to quickly find an awesome valentines outfit? but can't afford anything new. look no further.

abeautifulmess - some adorable hairstyles to try out (using a turban!)...

bakerella - shares some sweet treats to make for the 14th!

and alisaburke - shares some fun and unique cards that are easy peasy but super cute!

have you seen any more valentines day tutorials, recipes, pictures that you think are awesome?! please share!! i LOVE inspiration :D

1 comment:

Katie said...

Those tights are brilliant. I must pass that on to my favorite cousin's cousin. :)