Thursday, March 31, 2011

backstage VLOG during tech week!

this has been (and still is) one of the craziest weeks YET! one of the biggest reasons is because it's TECH WEEK! not for music man, but JOY's drama jr group who is putting on "the velveteen rabbit." 

they are SO adorable, and it's such fun working back stage as one of the back stage managers. i am actually really enjoying it.

anyways, in response to some of y'alls indication of desiring a (and some friends) have put together a "behind-the-scenes" view of day 1 and 2 of tech week! let me know what you think!

i've had such a hilarious time putting this one expecting many many more! 
plus, if you have any ideas for some...PLEASE let me know! :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

scottish accent attempts...?

my attempt at a male scottish accent. FAIL! i did manage a good cockney, italian, and german one, though. :)

i was narrating something and there was a scottish guy and i felt bad that all the others had a cool accent except him. and i seriously sat around for ten minutes trying to do a male scottish accent. 
this is just an excerpt.

p.s. are y'all interested in any future vlogs?? this is kind of a "sampling" of vlogging.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

i love cards... :)

making cards is my best and favorite crafty thing to do.
thank yous. invitations. valentines. 
they can always be so fun and unique.

p.s. recieving cards is another favorite of mine... :D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

we be cooks. hair curlers. & shoppers.

during atlanta's visit we had a grand time shopping, baking, and hair name a few. but i must say...the end results were oh-so pleasing! we found some WONDERFUL oxfords (pictured above)...which i've been aching for, for the longest time! also, a vintage dress, more shoes, a pretty purple dress, leather journal, etc.

as for baking. well. may i just tell you that peanut butter brownie truffles are possibly one of the best, richest desserts around?? my word.

also. we experimented with pin curls. they turned out really awesome. i'm kind of addicted to curly hair now...such a hassle...but wonderful end results! totally worth it :)

world war 2 reenactment.

while my dearest friend, atlanta, was visiting she remembered a world war two reenactment was going on very nearby during her visit. we said, "why not!" texted and called a few people and put together a fun group  to go visit the reenactment.

now, atlanta and i are NEVER spectators at reenactments. we are always a part of the event. more oft than not, making FUN of the spectators. and yet, we became ones. (i must say we were the coolest spectators EVER.)

all in all, a very exciting day. we are also quite excited about the possibility of getting into ww2 reenacting! how fun would that be?!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the oh-so-lovely anthropologie. etc.

 my dearest friend atlanta was able to come over this last week and we had SUCH a wonderful time. everything from a trip to anthropologie, getting to see "the king's speech," exploring barnes and nobles, antiquing, CHICKFILA, old movies, world war two reenactment, baking, crafting, more movies, late nights, secrets, the DPS, and A BIG HUGE GINORMOUS SURPRISE (which some of you read about HERE)!! i don't really know how it's possible to share each bit with you...but i sure will try!




outside the movie theatre.

we had some nommy chicken and ice cream at...none other than chickfila! then headed over to the amazing, lovely, and beautifully wonderful anthropologie store. oh my word. i could just spend hours in there. we tried on quite a few things, i must say. 

after that we got some starbucks at a barnes and noble store and went to see "the king's speech." we were a bit hesitant to see it...because of it's rating: R. however, holding our ears in one scene, and it was one of the best movies ever! i loved absolutely everything (save that one scene) about it. i could write a whole post with my review...but i'll end it here saying we thoroughly enjoyed it.

that night we started...dum dum DUM...downton abbey.
i really, really wish you didn't have to always say "it was awesome except for that one scene"...but that comment applies to this movie as well. BUMMER! but still...i love it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my birthday, surprises, and the like.

yesterday was my birthday. i turned a lovely 17. these past few days when people would ask me "what are you doing for your birthday?" my response would be "oh...just some small things with a few friends."

i never ever in a kabillion zillion years...EVER thought i would have a surprise birthday party. ever. honestly, i thought i would never be fooled into going someplace and then see a bunch of people jumping up and saying SUPRISE! it just never occurred to me to even be suspicious.

well...that was silly.

yes. i said "aw shucks."
turns out they thought i had seen them so they weren't as loud and enthusiastic...but i was completely taken by shock. lol.

apparently the secret/lie/deception had been going on for quite some time! i can't believe that i had no suspicions! YOU GUYS...are awesome.

the food was just DELISH! fried chicken. cheese fries. sweet tea. YES! 
and the company was simply to die for... :)

posing with elvis was very lovely. he was so ever so kind.

apples-to-apples and catchphrase at the house was simply hilarious. even though i'm, sadly, dreadful at both games. haha!

i blew the candles out with one breath. oh my voice teacher should be SO PROUD of my lung capacity!!

and receiving german chocolate (mine had a hint of cinnamon!) was just the perfect touch to end the day off with.

i'd like to end this birthday post with a thank you to all of these wonderful people, along with my facebook friends, twitter friends, and JOY friends who have wished me a happy birthday! i love each and every one of you SO much. and it means quite a lot that each of you took time to either jump up from behind the bar at a restaurant or simply wish me well on a brand new year of life. 
i hope this next year is simply the BEST! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

5 happy things...and YAY!

time for another 5 happy things! yay. woohoo. and all that.
some lovely finds for you today! :)

is this not the most perfect picture? all the way from the scenery, to the gorgeous black dress, and the bright colorful balloons! 

uhm. is this not the coolest crafty idea ever?! EVER?! gah..

ok friends. how do you make buns messy?! mine always turn out so neat and tidy. and flat. and well...not cute. please enlighten me!
messy buns are cool.

have you ever seen an outfit that more personifies spring than this one?! 
i. am. excited.

pumpkin drop doughnuts?! whaaa? YES!
pumpkin is my favorite.

oh. oh. oh! one more follower until 150!!! be expecting a ridiculously awesome giveaway post coming up very, extremely soon! :)
happy almost spring!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

woohoo! yay! and huzzah!

3 more followers until we reach 150!! i've got a very special giveaway, etc. that i cannot WAIT to announce...but i can't until three more people follow "sewing in the past!" hehehe...i mean. but if you really love giveaways. help spread the word about this blog! :) and do it fast because i'm super excited to share what it is you'll have a chance to win!

in other news...i've been at home sick for the past few days. but hopefully this cough will go away and my voice will sound normal again. that will be good. meanwhile i sound like this:

"we don't fight unless provoked."

pahahaha!! oh..each time i watch this video it gets funnier!
lot's of silly videos lately. sorry. but what's a sick girl stuck at home to do?? :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

how to style - "cable car tour" dress (look one)

i got my very first modcloth dress in the mail on friday...! woohoo! and i've been thinking of ALL the different ways to style this dress. here is look one:

i wore my "cable car tour" dress with:
white long sleeve shirt (underneath)
purple tights
white knee high socks (bunched down)
and black lace up boots

i had such fun with this dress...and got SO many compliments. be ready for some more style options coming soon!!