Sunday, March 13, 2011

5 happy things...and YAY!

time for another 5 happy things! yay. woohoo. and all that.
some lovely finds for you today! :)

is this not the most perfect picture? all the way from the scenery, to the gorgeous black dress, and the bright colorful balloons! 

uhm. is this not the coolest crafty idea ever?! EVER?! gah..

ok friends. how do you make buns messy?! mine always turn out so neat and tidy. and flat. and well...not cute. please enlighten me!
messy buns are cool.

have you ever seen an outfit that more personifies spring than this one?! 
i. am. excited.

pumpkin drop doughnuts?! whaaa? YES!
pumpkin is my favorite.

oh. oh. oh! one more follower until 150!!! be expecting a ridiculously awesome giveaway post coming up very, extremely soon! :)
happy almost spring!


Unknown said...

Mmm, doughnuts!

Unknown said...

ooh, I want that dress!

Unknown said...
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Sarah said...

that balloon picture IS the happiest picture ever.

and oh oH OH I want that dress. I want the shoes, i want the whole outfit. it is perfect- absolutely perfect.

marvelousme said...

I have a messy bun tutorial on my youtube channel that is quite effective, if you would like to check it out!{don't worry, my buns used to be that way as well, until i discovered the trick! Also, as shown in my tutorial, because I don't have long, overly thick hair, I can make a large bun with a small amount of hair}

Here is the link to my channel, my dear. And happy 17th birthday to ya!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!