Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my birthday, surprises, and the like.

yesterday was my birthday. i turned a lovely 17. these past few days when people would ask me "what are you doing for your birthday?" my response would be "oh...just some small things with a few friends."

i never ever in a kabillion zillion years...EVER thought i would have a surprise birthday party. ever. honestly, i thought i would never be fooled into going someplace and then see a bunch of people jumping up and saying SUPRISE! it just never occurred to me to even be suspicious.

well...that was silly.

yes. i said "aw shucks."
turns out they thought i had seen them so they weren't as loud and enthusiastic...but i was completely taken by shock. lol.

apparently the secret/lie/deception had been going on for quite some time! i can't believe that i had no suspicions! YOU GUYS...are awesome.

the food was just DELISH! fried chicken. cheese fries. sweet tea. YES! 
and the company was simply to die for... :)

posing with elvis was very lovely. he was so ever so kind.

apples-to-apples and catchphrase at the house was simply hilarious. even though i'm, sadly, dreadful at both games. haha!

i blew the candles out with one breath. oh my voice teacher should be SO PROUD of my lung capacity!!

and receiving german chocolate (mine had a hint of cinnamon!) was just the perfect touch to end the day off with.

i'd like to end this birthday post with a thank you to all of these wonderful people, along with my facebook friends, twitter friends, and JOY friends who have wished me a happy birthday! i love each and every one of you SO much. and it means quite a lot that each of you took time to either jump up from behind the bar at a restaurant or simply wish me well on a brand new year of life. 
i hope this next year is simply the BEST! 


Sereina said...

How fun! Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Happy Birthday!

Patrizia said...

Looks like a great time! Happy Birthday!

Michaela said...

FUN!!!! :) Happy, happy birthday!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Gah! Sounds AMAZING, I wish I could've been there. I was totally with you in spirit though :D Happy happy birthday!