Thursday, March 3, 2011

of friendly giftings.

i just found a post from christmas that never made it on the blog! *gasp*
 soooo....without further ado, here are some pictures from a lovely christmas party i had with some lovely friends.

"a party is a party...but a christmas!" to quote the illustrious mr. elton.

when i celebrated christmas with a few of my chums, we exchanged gifts, made cookie dough (i say dough...because no actually cookies were cooked), watched movies, and giggled to our heart's content. we really had a wonderful time.

anywho...i'm sharing a few of my favorite gifts that i found/ gifts is one of my very favorite things to do! i get more excited about giving than i do about receiving. well. okay...i like receiving gifts too... ;)

to my friend ryleigh, a book (made by me) to write a story in. for the past few months we've somehow made up a country that doesn't exist. where i'm the queen, she a peasant, and a great catastrophe occurs. i really don't know how it's started, but i figured it should be put to paper so we exchange this book and we each write every other chapter. it's ever so much fun...and quite hilarious.

to my lovely maddy, i bestowed a very loving card and a book called "the works of balzac". this is also an inside joke as her character in "music man" tells harold hill that the librarian advocates dirty books (an exaggeration) such as balzac. i found it in an antique store...and couldn't resist.

to my lovely morgie. a godey's picture i found at an antique store (well, not truly godey's i believe it is from a french magazine of the time, but very lovely, nonetheless). and an antique sewing box. isn't it the cutest?! i'm also very jealous of both her gifts and really feel like stealing them from her ;)


Lindsey said...

I've put a link to your blog on my "awesome blogs" page!

rebecca jane said...

thanks! :)