Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the oh-so-lovely anthropologie. etc.

 my dearest friend atlanta was able to come over this last week and we had SUCH a wonderful time. everything from a trip to anthropologie, getting to see "the king's speech," exploring barnes and nobles, antiquing, CHICKFILA, old movies, world war two reenactment, baking, crafting, more movies, late nights, secrets, the DPS, and A BIG HUGE GINORMOUS SURPRISE (which some of you read about HERE)!! i don't really know how it's possible to share each bit with you...but i sure will try!




outside the movie theatre.

we had some nommy chicken and ice cream at...none other than chickfila! then headed over to the amazing, lovely, and beautifully wonderful anthropologie store. oh my word. i could just spend hours in there. we tried on quite a few things, i must say. 

after that we got some starbucks at a barnes and noble store and went to see "the king's speech." we were a bit hesitant to see it...because of it's rating: R. however, holding our ears in one scene, and it was one of the best movies ever! i loved absolutely everything (save that one scene) about it. i could write a whole post with my review...but i'll end it here saying we thoroughly enjoyed it.

that night we started...dum dum DUM...downton abbey.
i really, really wish you didn't have to always say "it was awesome except for that one scene"...but that comment applies to this movie as well. BUMMER! but still...i love it.


Unknown said...

I love Downton Abbey and do think they could have done some of the scenes more, how shall I say it.....tastfully. I just finished season one and was very excited to hear they've already started filming season 2!

Lydia Covey said...

Umm... eep, I'm just a bit jealous that you live close enough to go to Anthropologie. Just dont tell me you bought anything there, cause then I'd be really jealous :) Jealous that you could afford to buy anything there. hehe.
Looks like you all had a wonderful time! And I know, I hate all those movies that I love "except for that one scene". Bla.

Kristin said...

Sounds like ya'll had a great time! :) I really want to see "The King's Speech," though I'll probably wait until it comes out on DVD or see the PG-13 version that's supposed to be released in theaters.

I also loved "Downton Abbey," except for one or two very questionable scenes. That first one took me by such surprise that I almost didn't finish the series, but I'm glad I did. It's really amazing!


Sophie Covey said...

Oh sounds so much fun! Wish we all lived closer! it's been waaay to long since we've seen you both! We MUST do a visit or reenactment soon! Happy Birthday to you Rebecca! And both of those movies are on my list to see... (too bad about the scenes though...they always have to add them...)

rebecca jane said...

katysue: YES! i cannot WAIT for season two! *so excited*

lydia: heehee. it's about an hour away...and everytime i go to visit it and drool my heart breaks a little because i'm unable to buy anything! however...i got a $25 gift certificate to there for my bday! EEP!

kristin: i've heard about the pg-13 version! hoping that will come out on dvd! i know. my word. i was so taken by shock i seriously yelped! lol.

sophie: oh i know!! that would be such fun. we definitely need to plan a big visit soon! :)