Sunday, March 27, 2011

scottish accent attempts...?

my attempt at a male scottish accent. FAIL! i did manage a good cockney, italian, and german one, though. :)

i was narrating something and there was a scottish guy and i felt bad that all the others had a cool accent except him. and i seriously sat around for ten minutes trying to do a male scottish accent. 
this is just an excerpt.

p.s. are y'all interested in any future vlogs?? this is kind of a "sampling" of vlogging.


Kristin said...

This made me smile. :) I'm fascinated with accents, but I'm terrible at them. It amazes me how other people can put them on and off as if it's nothing!

P.S. I love vlogs. I think they're a lot of fun! :)


Sereina said...

I'm the same as Kirstin; that made me smile! I'm quite terrible at accents as well, no matter how hard I try.

Oh, yes! I'd totally watch any vlog's you do.

Amber Noella said...

Love it! You did good ;)
Also, yes do more vlogs!

Amy said...

Scottish is hard to do! I have to practice to keep my Scots from sounding Irish. The Irish sort of talk out of the front of their mouth (which is what makes it sound lilt-y -- try it and you'll see what I mean), but the Scots tend to talk more out of the back of their mouth, kind of throaty, and they roll their R's, so it ends up sounding more guttural.

One person once told me to say the phrase "I didna do anythin' in Ednbrah" to practice it. (Instead of "I didn't do anything in Edinburgh.")

Plus watch lots of movies with real Scots in them. :) Mrs. Brown comes to mind. A young Gerard Butler and Billy Connolly.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Try channeling Pippin from "Lord of The Rings" -- It's what I do, and it helps :) I really enjoyed this, it made me laugh!