Friday, March 4, 2011

what fools these mortals be!

two rather amusing things have caught my eye in the past few weeks. 

#1: i must tell you...i'm a grammatical/spell check nerd (but i must ask your pardon in my lack of capitalization...). whether i'm reading a book or a sign...i find every possible error. here's a sign from a dressing room which wasn't too hard to catch, however.

(well i'm glad all of the shoplifter will be prosecuted and not just some of him...?)

#2: i have been getting a RIDICULOUS amount of emails and letters from colleges the past few months. i must say, it's rather annoying...but this one definitely caught my eye and made me laugh out loud!

(is it pronounced "your sinus"?)

have you found anything amusing lately? i love a good share!

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