Thursday, March 10, 2011

woohoo! yay! and huzzah!

3 more followers until we reach 150!! i've got a very special giveaway, etc. that i cannot WAIT to announce...but i can't until three more people follow "sewing in the past!" hehehe...i mean. but if you really love giveaways. help spread the word about this blog! :) and do it fast because i'm super excited to share what it is you'll have a chance to win!

in other news...i've been at home sick for the past few days. but hopefully this cough will go away and my voice will sound normal again. that will be good. meanwhile i sound like this:

"we don't fight unless provoked."

pahahaha!! oh..each time i watch this video it gets funnier!
lot's of silly videos lately. sorry. but what's a sick girl stuck at home to do?? :)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

How exciting! Hmm, I also sounded like the clam a few days ago, that was super fun! =)