Friday, April 29, 2011

5 happy things - royal wedding style

the royal wedding...oh what a fairytale-ish day...
no i did not wake up at 3am...that's what DVRs are for. 
however. i *did* watch as much as i could the second i awoke!
what a beautiful event!


that TRAIN!!!
this is the sweetest thing.

b&w shots...sigh.

 i LOVE the grace kelly-esque of kate's dress! oh my goodness!

what a fairytale...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

college people...!!!!!

 my dear friend and i did something quite brave last monday. i seem to be doing that quite a bit, lately. you see abilene christian university was having junior day on their campus. being a junior...and very interested in and i just KNEW we had to go! ryleigh and her mom decided to come along for the ride (even though she's only a sophomore).

oh, blog readers. we were so nervous. i mean...there were COLLEGE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!! and we felt so small...and tiny...and YOUNG. well...ok we were. but that's not the point.

we walked into the building and were greeted by some very people. we sign in and sit down and watch other people sign in. and, i must tell you, i liked everyone's look! no one looked creepy, intimidating, or mean! (yes...i'm a sheltered homeschooler...DON'T JUDGE ME!) 

the rest of the day was just as awesome. i mean, when you've got a christian school, with an AWESOME (and wholesome) theatre department, friendly people, a beautiful campus, a starbucks in the library (EEEK!) and a CHICKFILA in the cafeteria (i'm sold)...what more could you wish for?!

acu. what an amazing college. the next step? prayer. scholarship after scholarship applications. prayer. work on theatre audition pieces (they only accept TWELVE people into the program each year). prayer. study study STUDY for the SAT. and, oh, did i mention prayer?

it seems...impossible. i know that with God nothing is. so i'm dedicating the whole thing to Him. and IF it doesn't was a nice dream.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


that single word can bring forward the greatest fear in all the world. 
my legs start to shake.
my handwriting gets quivery.
i say the wrong things.
and i run INTO things.

two weeks ago i got to do something i'd never done before. sure, i've auditioned for shows before...but that's always been in front of people i a homeschool school. 
i auditioned for a community theatre.

i auditioned thinking:
a. i wouldn't get the part (hey. this is my first audition!)
b. i can't do the show anyways because i've got another one going.
c. i can't even attend callbacks!
d. we're doing this show at JOY next spring!
e. but, hey, it'll be a good experience.

so i did it. i auditioned for the sound of music. 
and it WAS a good experience. 
i got to get all my nerves out...and find out how auditions are done there.
i even had wishful thinking afterwards and named my starbucks cup liesl! 

no. i didn't get the part.
yes. i'm okay with that.
i'm so relieved that my first audition is OVER!
yes. i was a nervous wreck!
but not really until after i sang...

after the audition you have to be measured. the costume lady asked me something...i didn't hear. i (politely as possible) responded "sir?" 
i got a strange look.
i realized my error.
she then reasked the a male voice.
good thing she did not easily offend!!

after which they take a headshot of you (so as to remember you by).
he had those light reflector/umbrella things set up.
i had to walk past them.
wouldn't you know...i ran INTO them.

all in all, however...i'm glad i auditioned.
and even more importantly...i cannot WAIT until auditions next month!
for what show...?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

singing contest.

two saturdays ago i attended a singing contest (of sorts). basically what you do is prepare 3 classical songs and when you arrive at your specific appointed time (mine was fun/exact is that?), go into a room that has three judges (other voice teachers from texas), and you have eight minutes. you choose your first song, they choose the rest. 

my experience was fairly easy, and though i didn't get a high enough score to go to the next round, it was an awesome experience! i'm so glad i got to go and try something new. 

lately i've been all about trying new things. i have a really big problem with nervousness. and my legs were violently shaking throughout the entire process. however. i did not die, faint, or forget everything. and it's something i can add to my list of experiences.

anyways...these are the songs i sang at the contest! if you get the chance you should look them up on youtube or itunes...i LOVE them! :)
Se tu Mami, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
The Singer, Michael Head
Adele's Laughing Song (from Die Fledermaus), Johann Strauss

p.s. the contest was right before the cotillion that evening. check out my day to evening transition! just took off the belt and let down my hair. super easy and convenient!

Friday, April 22, 2011

an ideal reenactment.

this time last week i was in mexia, tx enjoying perfect weather and lovely companionship. oh how i miss it already!

some exciting things that occured over the weekend:

i shot a gun for the first time!! sure. i looked like an idiot (as evidenced by the above pictures)...but it is a nice thing to have finally done! :)
i won my first croquet game! ever! it. was. epic. there i was...trudging along at the back of the the people at the front started getting knocked out...i kept going. and WHABAM! out of nowhere...there i was. sigh. it was loverly.

i posed for a painting with my dear friend sophie! we were asked by a "world famous" painter (who happens to be the captain of our group) if he could use us as models for a painting he's doing. it's on a story set in edinburg, va during the civil war! go to this link for the whole story! apparently the painting is going to be on display IN virginia!! very exciting.

the balls are always extra lovely too! i had such fun dancing (the guys even outnumbered the girls in our group!) and it seemed so terribly short...even though there were nine dances. if the caller would spend less time explaining the dances...i feel we would have gotten many more in before calling it a night!! alas. 

an old tradition we have is to make pies on sunday right before the battle and eat them right before packing up to go home. such a lovely (and yummy) tradition, i must say. those covey girls are so talented! :)

reflecting back on last weekend i can see how terribly lucky i am to have such wonderful friends in my life. i know i keep saying it, but it becomes such a bigger realization everyday. i've never had a more happy time in my life than i do now. and i'm cherishing every second of it.

rebecca jane

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

this weekend.

this past weekend i got to do something which makes my heart SO full with joy and happiness. and i must just tell was one of the best weekend to date. 
can you guess?

more pictures are on their way, i assure you. are two to entice you back! :) 

p.s. (YES I SHOT A GUN!!!!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

costume for the day - yellow and polka dots

i got some headshots taken by the AMAZING michaella elliott a few days ago. SUCH fun...and she took some full length shots as i thought i'd share my outfit with you...even though you've seen every piece i'm wearing before :)

blouse: mother's closet
skirt: thrift
tights: mother's closet (hehee)
belt: thrift
shoes: corina's boutique (LOVE!)

and i just think that this is the best costume for the day :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

shall we dance?

last saturday was a homeschool cotillion that i was excited to attend! luckily the amazing shannons got to come as well. it was such a lovely time.


the theme was unity and so each of the tables were set up as different countries. our name tags were passports. and we were given chopsticks and fortune cookies. 

i was so glad to spend such a fun evening with good friends. i CANNOT tell you how awesome i think they are, and how fortunate and thankful i am to have such friends.

and though i would have preferred more swing dancing...and less "freestyle" (i'm hopelessly flawed when it comes to modern dancing)'s always such fun to have the opportunity to dance! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

tummy butterflies.

wow these next few days...well...they're going to be awesome! 
crazy? maybe. scary? probably. but awesome? YES!
here's a little preview of my next two weeks... ;)

friday, april 8 - 
voice lessons practically all afternoon (12:30-3:10)
seeing friends in "pride and prejudice"

saturday, april 9 - 
NATS (singing contest) 
homeschool cotillion/dance

sunday, april 10 - 
leave for abeline for a visit at ACU

monday, april 11 -
junior day at ACU (eep!)

tuesday, april 12 -
music man enticer at a local women's club (singing a few songs from the show, etc.)

wednesday, april 13 - 
audition for sound of music at a community theatre (squee!!)

thursday, april 14 - 
hopefully relax and do homework?! lol.

friday - sunday, april 15-17
civil war reenactment!

i'm exhausted just thinking about it.
and SO nervous and jittery!
ever so many scary/new/fun things coming up.

so if i become an absetee landlord for a few know why! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

velveteen rabbit musings.

the drama jr production of "the velveteen rabbit" is over! it was such a fun experience being backstage. i'd never done that before. and i'm so glad i got to see a different side of theatre...instead of the one found ONstage. i can't wait to try even more things, such as tech, etc. 

i'm also excited to learn more about stage makeup and hair. i don't hardly know ANYTHING about it, so when little kids would come up to me for bunny noses, etc. i'd have to send them to maddy (pictured above) who is a natural at those sort of things. by the last performance, i was doing pretty well...but i'd LOVE to take some classes and get some really professional instruction about stage makeup and hair.

theatre is my favorite.

p.s. more pics/info here

Monday, April 4, 2011

how to style - "cable car tour" dress (look two)

remember my new modcloth dress?? and remember my promise for different styling options?? HERE'S LOOK TWO!! :)

it was my mom's idea to head over to the old, abandoned mansion in my town. there's some very big secrets about it...and it was very exciting to take some pictures in front of it. there were so many PRIVATE PROPERTY and NO TRESPASSING signs...we were both a little nervous about being there.

i wore my "cable car tour" dress with:
red short-sleeve shirt (underneath, not pictured).
red sweater.
black tights.
and my new grey oxfords.

p.s. modcloth featured my first look on their tumblr blog!