Wednesday, April 27, 2011

college people...!!!!!

 my dear friend and i did something quite brave last monday. i seem to be doing that quite a bit, lately. you see abilene christian university was having junior day on their campus. being a junior...and very interested in and i just KNEW we had to go! ryleigh and her mom decided to come along for the ride (even though she's only a sophomore).

oh, blog readers. we were so nervous. i mean...there were COLLEGE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!! and we felt so small...and tiny...and YOUNG. well...ok we were. but that's not the point.

we walked into the building and were greeted by some very people. we sign in and sit down and watch other people sign in. and, i must tell you, i liked everyone's look! no one looked creepy, intimidating, or mean! (yes...i'm a sheltered homeschooler...DON'T JUDGE ME!) 

the rest of the day was just as awesome. i mean, when you've got a christian school, with an AWESOME (and wholesome) theatre department, friendly people, a beautiful campus, a starbucks in the library (EEEK!) and a CHICKFILA in the cafeteria (i'm sold)...what more could you wish for?!

acu. what an amazing college. the next step? prayer. scholarship after scholarship applications. prayer. work on theatre audition pieces (they only accept TWELVE people into the program each year). prayer. study study STUDY for the SAT. and, oh, did i mention prayer?

it seems...impossible. i know that with God nothing is. so i'm dedicating the whole thing to Him. and IF it doesn't was a nice dream.


Lydia Covey said...

This sounds amazing Rebecca. Non creepy people is a plus when going to college :-)
I'll be praying for you!!!

Brooke said...

Sounds AMAZING! :D I'll be sure to pray for you. :)