Thursday, April 14, 2011

costume for the day - yellow and polka dots

i got some headshots taken by the AMAZING michaella elliott a few days ago. SUCH fun...and she took some full length shots as i thought i'd share my outfit with you...even though you've seen every piece i'm wearing before :)

blouse: mother's closet
skirt: thrift
tights: mother's closet (hehee)
belt: thrift
shoes: corina's boutique (LOVE!)

and i just think that this is the best costume for the day :)


Unknown said...

Beautiful, I love the color combo!

Sarah said...

You really need to share some of your cuteness with the rest of the world. K? It is really pretty selfish of you to keep it all to yourself;)

Unknown said...

LOVE!!! Michaella really captured some gorgeous moments. :) Love the yellow pop, polka dots, the logs, the BRAID, and the adorable subject. <3

...we girls went thrifting today and I totally found a skirt that made me think "Rebecca!!" instantly. I had to get it. After bringing it home and trying some outfits-- I definitely felt like you. I love it! Your fashion sense inspires me so much! I'll have to take some pictures for you. :)

Sarah said...

HI Rebecca! Mrs. Pyron told me about you and your blog and I couldn't help but come and check it out. I was pleasantly surprised when in the first few minutes of stalking you I came across mentions of Pride & Prejudice, thrift stores, Anthropologie, and brownies. Not to mention your lovely photography and the haircut we both share. (which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself) Then I got lost on your Pinterest, and there went 2 more hours of my life....
I just wanted to stop and compliment your lovely blog! I may or may not be stalking you in the future... :)

Lauren Elizabeth said...

You have unbelievably adorable everything, Rebecca Roberts. Isn't fair! You have the style, the smile, and the personality. I'm totally jealous. And I also want your shoes.

rebecca jane said...

I love you guys so much! you have no idea how happy yalls comments make me.

Sarah: oh please. you are seriously the cutest person I KNOW!!

Jo: haha!! I'm so glad you got it!! I need pictures. thank you love. that's so sweet.

Sarah: AAH! I love your blog. I'm now a stalk- ahem. follower. glad I could help you spend 2 hours :)

Lauren: you are so awesome. don't be jealous. lol.