Saturday, April 23, 2011

singing contest.

two saturdays ago i attended a singing contest (of sorts). basically what you do is prepare 3 classical songs and when you arrive at your specific appointed time (mine was fun/exact is that?), go into a room that has three judges (other voice teachers from texas), and you have eight minutes. you choose your first song, they choose the rest. 

my experience was fairly easy, and though i didn't get a high enough score to go to the next round, it was an awesome experience! i'm so glad i got to go and try something new. 

lately i've been all about trying new things. i have a really big problem with nervousness. and my legs were violently shaking throughout the entire process. however. i did not die, faint, or forget everything. and it's something i can add to my list of experiences.

anyways...these are the songs i sang at the contest! if you get the chance you should look them up on youtube or itunes...i LOVE them! :)
Se tu Mami, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
The Singer, Michael Head
Adele's Laughing Song (from Die Fledermaus), Johann Strauss

p.s. the contest was right before the cotillion that evening. check out my day to evening transition! just took off the belt and let down my hair. super easy and convenient!

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