Thursday, April 7, 2011

tummy butterflies.

wow these next few days...well...they're going to be awesome! 
crazy? maybe. scary? probably. but awesome? YES!
here's a little preview of my next two weeks... ;)

friday, april 8 - 
voice lessons practically all afternoon (12:30-3:10)
seeing friends in "pride and prejudice"

saturday, april 9 - 
NATS (singing contest) 
homeschool cotillion/dance

sunday, april 10 - 
leave for abeline for a visit at ACU

monday, april 11 -
junior day at ACU (eep!)

tuesday, april 12 -
music man enticer at a local women's club (singing a few songs from the show, etc.)

wednesday, april 13 - 
audition for sound of music at a community theatre (squee!!)

thursday, april 14 - 
hopefully relax and do homework?! lol.

friday - sunday, april 15-17
civil war reenactment!

i'm exhausted just thinking about it.
and SO nervous and jittery!
ever so many scary/new/fun things coming up.

so if i become an absetee landlord for a few know why! :)

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