Tuesday, April 5, 2011

velveteen rabbit musings.

the drama jr production of "the velveteen rabbit" is over! it was such a fun experience being backstage. i'd never done that before. and i'm so glad i got to see a different side of theatre...instead of the one found ONstage. i can't wait to try even more things, such as tech, etc. 

i'm also excited to learn more about stage makeup and hair. i don't hardly know ANYTHING about it, so when little kids would come up to me for bunny noses, etc. i'd have to send them to maddy (pictured above) who is a natural at those sort of things. by the last performance, i was doing pretty well...but i'd LOVE to take some classes and get some really professional instruction about stage makeup and hair.

theatre is my favorite.

p.s. more pics/info here

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