Monday, May 23, 2011

hello summer :)

summer OFFICIALLY started for me today! 
i had my last class this morning and am finishing writing papers this afternoon. 
so i guess *technically* it begins tomorrow. 
but those are mere details. 

even though summer has only begun for me today...that hasn't stopped me from already starting with the summer-esque activities. 

such as:

being with friends.

going to see plays.

reading a book outside (on my new AWESOME mat).

and wearing bright colors.

hello summer!! :)

this week starts a new chapter in my life with the completion of my final high school class and the beginning of the internship with casa manana. i must tell you...i'm scared to death. but, hey, just keeping up with my "one scary thing a day" goal (not really's just happening like that), right? 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

pictures and stories. because they're the best.

these past two weeks have been INSANE! and when i say that, i mean it in the best possible sense...! take a look:

closing night for music man. i kind of love mixing patterns.

costume stores before the play began. i am in love with those ridiculously awesome changing rooms!

tell me this looks like a dolphin cloud. i think it's so FUN!

my twitter followers can attest to my agony in wondering about a certain "secret admirer" rose i received friday night. oh who oh WHO could have sent it?! (MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN!!) 

a true sign of summer beginning is when the snowcone stand opens (HURRAH!) and you get cake in class (WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!!). must i tell you how excited i am?

oh, star gazing after striking the set. bittersweet.

these past two weeks have been crazy, but these past two days...even crazier. it all started friday with the biggest crowd we've ever had at a JOY show. such excitement! and afterwards, an exciting trip in an antique elevator that included it getting stuck, a lot of screaming, and a hoarse voice afterwards. it may have only lasted a minute...but it felt like a lifetime. 

the next day began with some intense prayer time. there is no greater joy than praying with good friends. what could follow except the best performance of music man ever? afterwards, the arrival of some very dear friends (the shannons, of course) to see the final show. opening scene. a cast member gets sick. dreadfully sick. after a few songs we had to stop the show. an early intermission was called. and the echoes of prayer and praise to God was heard all throughout the backstage. if anything, it drew us all closer to the realization we can do nothing without Christ. and then the even bigger realization of God's mercy and love when our fellow cast member was energized by the Holy Spirit. 
God is good.

we finished the show. got a standing o. took down the set (all hands on deck!). and headed to my house for star gazing, hot chocolate, sweets, and, best of all, some epic swing dancing. after which there was quite a bit of talking and laughter until the wee hours of the morning (4am to be exact).

today was even crazy as i drove with my mother to casa manana to the intern/apprenticeship orientation and free seats to the matinee of wizard of oz that was showing there afterwards. i am so thrilled to be working there this summer in the costume department. i mean, they have a whole trailer dedicated to FABRIC and another to shoes and wigs! have you heard of anything so grand?

saturday night ended one chapter in my life, and today began a new one.
what does God have in store for my life?
i cannot wait to find out!

Friday, May 13, 2011

indian tunics DIY

for the music man show we've been putting on we required six indian tunics.

basically...we have NO costume we didn't have a lot to spend on these since they're only onstage for a few minutes...i say we...i mean me.

i was given six brown t-shirts and some red ribbon. 
that's all.

step one - three...cut off collar, sleeves, and hem.

step four - cut strips from the bottom up (a few inches).

step five - turn shirt inside out (where any writing is facing the inside)

step six - tack on and sew red ribbon where desired. i did a v-neck and put some across the top of the fringe. i didn't put any on the back.

what do you think? easy peasy, right?
off to a performance tonight!! woohoo!

rebecca jane

p.s. do you foresee wanting more DIYs on the blog??

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

opening night...ah the thrill.

is there anything better than opening night jitters?!
if you haven't an idea what opening nigh jitters are like...i pity you.
if you do...i'm sure you can understand the excitement!
i truly, TRULY love every part of the theatre.
the performance...and then the fun after the performance!

last weekend we had three AMAZING shows.
this weekend we have three more.
and i KNOW they'll be even more amazing.
absolutely CANNOT wait!

lots of love to my fellow cast mates!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i could squeal!!!

...ok...i did.

several weeks ago i found out about a summer apprenticeship available at casa manana (a really big, prestigious theatre here in north texas) and applied. i wasn't really sure what it would encompass...and if i would even be able to be one.

last week i got an email from the man in charge saying i had been ACCEPTED!! he said usually they only accept college age kids and that i was going to be the youngest...(eek!). 


the very first meeting is next sunday, when i'll find out exactly what i'll be doing. but this is what the website page said:

The Production Department of Casa MaƱana is now accepting applications for Apprentices for Summer 2011. 

Apprenticeships will encompass the following design and production areas:

Lighting Design and Stage Electrics
Sound Design and Engineering
Technical Direction, Stage and Shop Carpentry
Stage Management
Scenic Art and Properties Design
Production Management

does that not sound like the most exciting thing ever?! i'm SO thrilled about learning, learning, learning everything concerning theatre design/production! such. excitement.

so instead of trying out for anne of green gables at a smaller theatre, like i had planned, this is what my summer looks like! and i can not wait.

rebecca jane

p.s. picture above from music man last weekend! more on opening weekend soon! :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

a quick hello.

a quick hello before opening night, tonight!!!
this has been one of the BEST weeks in the history of "tech weeks".
i wish they were all so calm, peaceful, and fun.
tonight we open. 
and i've developed some "opening night jitters."
but that's ok!
i am just THRILLED to be on stage.

p.s. i have some THRILLING, EXCITING, "JUMPING OUT OF MY SKIN" news to share (twitter and facebook friends already know)...but it's SO deserves a post all by itself. 

until tomorrow!

rebecca jane

Sunday, May 1, 2011

MM update - rehearsals and mini performance

i haven't been talking too much about "music man" rehearsals lately...but get ready for overload because TECH WEEK starts tomorrow (EEP!) and that will be just about ALL i will be speaking of...
i love theatre.

we've been having final rehearsals at JOY and they are going so great. i just LOVE seeing characters being developed and beautiful singing/dancing.
musicals are the best.

 i also got to do some sewing/crafting for the show!!! some indian tunics (as seen above). made from plain old brown tshirts we got for a dollar each. super fun. super easy. and super cute!
tutorial coming soon.

i must just tell you how hard my mother works for each of our shows. she is an awesome director (who is in charge of practically all aspects of the show!). from music, choreography, blocking, advertisement, props, costumes, scenery, and playbills....she does it all. 
impressive, i must say.

we were given the chance to perform for our county's "lion's club" just last wednesday! we gave them a preview of our show and got thunderous applause.
i'm so proud of this cast. they are the best.

and for the very first time...i got to play a mother in this show! it is such fun. i have a son and a daughter. they are such wonderful children. *sigh* 
i shall miss parenting when this show is over.

i cannot wait to share costumes, scenery, etc posts with you very soon! 
this is probably our most colorful show yet!
and i LOVE color.

rebecca jane