Monday, May 23, 2011

hello summer :)

summer OFFICIALLY started for me today! 
i had my last class this morning and am finishing writing papers this afternoon. 
so i guess *technically* it begins tomorrow. 
but those are mere details. 

even though summer has only begun for me today...that hasn't stopped me from already starting with the summer-esque activities. 

such as:

being with friends.

going to see plays.

reading a book outside (on my new AWESOME mat).

and wearing bright colors.

hello summer!! :)

this week starts a new chapter in my life with the completion of my final high school class and the beginning of the internship with casa manana. i must tell you...i'm scared to death. but, hey, just keeping up with my "one scary thing a day" goal (not really's just happening like that), right? 

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