Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i could squeal!!!

...ok...i did.

several weeks ago i found out about a summer apprenticeship available at casa manana (a really big, prestigious theatre here in north texas) and applied. i wasn't really sure what it would encompass...and if i would even be able to be one.

last week i got an email from the man in charge saying i had been ACCEPTED!! he said usually they only accept college age kids and that i was going to be the youngest...(eek!). 


the very first meeting is next sunday, when i'll find out exactly what i'll be doing. but this is what the website page said:

The Production Department of Casa MaƱana is now accepting applications for Apprentices for Summer 2011. 

Apprenticeships will encompass the following design and production areas:

Lighting Design and Stage Electrics
Sound Design and Engineering
Technical Direction, Stage and Shop Carpentry
Stage Management
Scenic Art and Properties Design
Production Management

does that not sound like the most exciting thing ever?! i'm SO thrilled about learning, learning, learning everything concerning theatre design/production! such. excitement.

so instead of trying out for anne of green gables at a smaller theatre, like i had planned, this is what my summer looks like! and i can not wait.

rebecca jane

p.s. picture above from music man last weekend! more on opening weekend soon! :)


Miss Eyebright said...

Oh my goodness, that is SO EXCITING! I would be just as thrilled as you are if I had an opportunity like that. Congratulations!

Patience said...