Friday, May 13, 2011

indian tunics DIY

for the music man show we've been putting on we required six indian tunics.

basically...we have NO costume we didn't have a lot to spend on these since they're only onstage for a few minutes...i say we...i mean me.

i was given six brown t-shirts and some red ribbon. 
that's all.

step one - three...cut off collar, sleeves, and hem.

step four - cut strips from the bottom up (a few inches).

step five - turn shirt inside out (where any writing is facing the inside)

step six - tack on and sew red ribbon where desired. i did a v-neck and put some across the top of the fringe. i didn't put any on the back.

what do you think? easy peasy, right?
off to a performance tonight!! woohoo!

rebecca jane

p.s. do you foresee wanting more DIYs on the blog??

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