Sunday, May 1, 2011

MM update - rehearsals and mini performance

i haven't been talking too much about "music man" rehearsals lately...but get ready for overload because TECH WEEK starts tomorrow (EEP!) and that will be just about ALL i will be speaking of...
i love theatre.

we've been having final rehearsals at JOY and they are going so great. i just LOVE seeing characters being developed and beautiful singing/dancing.
musicals are the best.

 i also got to do some sewing/crafting for the show!!! some indian tunics (as seen above). made from plain old brown tshirts we got for a dollar each. super fun. super easy. and super cute!
tutorial coming soon.

i must just tell you how hard my mother works for each of our shows. she is an awesome director (who is in charge of practically all aspects of the show!). from music, choreography, blocking, advertisement, props, costumes, scenery, and playbills....she does it all. 
impressive, i must say.

we were given the chance to perform for our county's "lion's club" just last wednesday! we gave them a preview of our show and got thunderous applause.
i'm so proud of this cast. they are the best.

and for the very first time...i got to play a mother in this show! it is such fun. i have a son and a daughter. they are such wonderful children. *sigh* 
i shall miss parenting when this show is over.

i cannot wait to share costumes, scenery, etc posts with you very soon! 
this is probably our most colorful show yet!
and i LOVE color.

rebecca jane

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