Wednesday, May 11, 2011

opening night...ah the thrill.

is there anything better than opening night jitters?!
if you haven't an idea what opening nigh jitters are like...i pity you.
if you do...i'm sure you can understand the excitement!
i truly, TRULY love every part of the theatre.
the performance...and then the fun after the performance!

last weekend we had three AMAZING shows.
this weekend we have three more.
and i KNOW they'll be even more amazing.
absolutely CANNOT wait!

lots of love to my fellow cast mates!


Jenn Noelle said...

Ooh I can totally relate! For the past two weekends, I had performances--three per weekend--of our play Little Women. Even though I got the jitters (especially opening night :P), it was still SO.MUCH.FUN. I'm sad it's over. :( Good luck to you all! :D

Corbyjane said...

My favourite parts of opening nights are when things don't go as planned and you meet the other person's eye for a sec and it's like, "well, this just got more interesting..." and then work it out. Haha!