Monday, June 20, 2011

boogie to the 70's.

saturday night i got to boogie with some of my cousins as we celebrated their 50th birthdays 1970's style. everyone was asked to dress disco...and you know me and dressing up...i couldn't resist. bright colors are a speciality of mine. i will admit...i'm not a big 70's, disco, boogie fan. i'm much more of a 40's, big band, swing type person. but a party is a party. and there were yummy delicious foodies and fun times with family.

i was so blessed to be able to see my aunt janet who lives up in massachusetts. it has been over 10 years since i saw her last...and i'm definitely hoping for a trip to visit her soon! perhaps this summer or next semester!

this week is a chick-flick day/ far we've watched persuasion and finding neverland...aren't those such sweet movies?

have a great evening!
xo, rebecca jane

skirt: goodwill, belt: thrift store, blouse: target, shoes: my little sister's closet (insane! she's only 9 and wears the same size shoe as me!!)

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