Tuesday, June 14, 2011

of tornados, theatres, and prayer.

if you will remember a couple of weeks ago my mother, some friends, and i all traveled to joplin, mo to volunteer there for a couple of days. 
ever since then...the people of joplin have remained on our hearts. 
julie and i made a video documenting our time in joplin. 

very recently, my mother made a connection with a Christian theatre in joplin that was not only completely destroyed in the tornados, but who's director and several other members were killed and injured. 
because of my mom's connection with theatre (being the director of our own theatre group), she felt a strong pulling from the Lord to join with them in helping rebuild not only their theatre, but their livelihoods, and lives.
go here to read a testimony of the tragic day written by a 17-year old girl who had just finished performing a show that afternoon.

to make the long story short...after much prayer alone and with friends, the wheels are now in motion to mobilize the residents of our county and around our nation to raise $50,000 for 30 families of the stained glass theatre who have experienced traumatic injuries, lost loved ones and/or total loss of home and possessions.

JOY drama group will be doing a benefit production of "the importance of being earnest" to help support this theatre in joplin. 
ALL income from the show will go straight to them.
we are SO excited to, not only be doing this show, but doing it for such a good and worthy cause.
we can already really feel God's hand in it...and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.

meanwhile...can i ask you for your prayers?
they mean MORE than i can possibly say!

for more information on the cast/location/ways to help...go here.

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Celia said...

Beautiful, beautiful job on the video, girls. It made my heart ache.