Saturday, July 23, 2011

publicity shots :)

publicity shots for earnest were taken yesterday.
it was such fun seeing everyone in costume.
i love this time-period.

my frothy pink dress makes me feel JUST like "cecily."
and my huge hair bow!
love love LOVE!!

down-time in between pictures.
i've been frenemies with maddy (pic one) in about every show we've done.
and i've been daughter, sister, mother, and now student of morgie (pic two) in the past shows.
theatre is so fun.

what do YOU think about the costumes?
want to see more...?
check out our website!!

(pictures taken by michaella elliott)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

earnest updates! :)

such excitement concerning the joplin benefit my family/theatre buddies have been working on.
as i have mentioned before...the artisan theatre is letting us perform one of our shows there.
and we have also been asked to perform a show IN JOPLIN!

we got some spectacular costumes (at a very discounted price...thanks dusty's!)...
some of the set has already been painted (AND looks beautiful!)
and tomorrow we are taking publicity pictures.
i will most DEFINITELY be sharing them with you!

meanwhile...please check out our website.
and if you feel so inclined, display our button on your blog or even donate (even the smallest amount is ABSOLUTELY welcome!)
thanks in advance! :)

rebecca jane

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

antiques are my one weakness.

i love antique shopping TERRIBLY.
and...i found some of the COOLEST antiques at my new favorite antique store!
i didn't get EVERYTHING i found...but i just HAD to have a few! :)
take for instance the above robin hood book...
cutest book EVER!

these are all the "unpurchased but greatly desired" items.
especially the yellow bike!!
but, oh! the store was closed...and it was probably only a display item anyways.

i also got some fun other things...
but a few are to be given as gifts.
and i could HARDLY share them quite yet.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 happy things - blanket fort style

thanks to my friend maddy...i've become terribly obsessed with the idea of building a blanket fort.
not only have i been saving pictures like crazy, but putting things together to MAKE one!!
we have the perfect location.
the perfect tools to build one.
and now all that to make it!!
(it's on our summer list)
but for are some of our inspiration pictures!! :)

the ukulele. the teapot. the typewriter. oh my.

all of the adorable sheets make this perfection.

bunting and giant flowers?!?! yes. it's going to happen.

loooove the lights draped around the inside.

such a cute slumber party idea...! no...i haven't grown up.

Monday, July 18, 2011

costumes, shows, and food.

those are kind of my three favorite things.
add friends...and it's the best day EVER!

after a lovely "importance of being earnest" rehearsal on thursday night, the girls in the cast (excluding one who was on vacation) came over to my house to have a mini-slumber party!
we had a blast playing the barbie game (MADDY AND I WON...of course).
eating lemon bars.
and watching the lovely gene kelly in brigadoon.

on friday, the whole cast of "earnest" got together to go try on costumes...! 
eep!! it was the most fun EVER!
we are now fully costumed...and we all look super turn-of-the-century.
afterwards we went to grab some lovely (late) lunchies.

that afternoon/evening we got to see two shows at the artisan theatre.
we are so exceedingly thrilled about this wonderfully opportunity we've been given.
AND we got to tour backstage!
in between the two shows we saw...we took one of the guys in our cast to starbucks to try something (he's never tried ANYTHING there)...needless to say, he loved the drink we picked out for him.
we even named our drinks after our characters in earnest!
such larks!

i love this cast mucho.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

a winner.

best way EVER to spend a sunday afternoon.

i never win giveaways.
but i sometimes i like to enter them...just in case...
but nothing ever happens.

sitting at the artisan theatre.
intermission is nearly over, and they're choosing the name of the person who gets free tickets to the next show.
me: *sigh* i NEVER win anything...
announcer: rebecca __!
me: SCREAM!!!!! (literally) I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!!
audience: *all staring at rebecca*
morgan (sitting at my left): *completely mortified*
me: *hysterically laughing*

it was one of the best moments...ever.
even though now i'm completely and totally embarrassed that i screamed.
more about friday later.

congratulations to KRISTIN!! 
the winner of the latest giveaway hosted on sewing in the past! 
thank you so much to everyone who entered. 
and i'm very excited for you kristin...i can literally feel your excitement! 
please contact me for more information on how to claim your prizes!! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

special fourth of july giveaway!!

happy fourth of july!!
in honor of america's (and my mom's!) birthday...two lovely etsy stores have agreed to collaborate with me in creating a wonderful giveaway for you!

this week i've partnered with restless hearts crafts and the little illustrator to bring you this amazing giveaway package!
i am absolutely in LOVE with both of these should definitely check them out.

restless hearts crafts is a collaboration of treasure hunting and sewing.
they have been so kind as to offer these ADORABLE bunting napkins!!! 
(bunting is my new favorite thing.)

the little illustrator is an etsy store that sells unique and custom art work and t-shirts with original prints.
you can win any two prints from their shop! 

to enter:
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