Thursday, August 18, 2011

bowling night

while in joplin, we went to $2 bowling was a BLAST!
i hadn't gone bowling in i got a little lesson.
check out what happened my first try!!

i'd like to say that was only the beginning of my many victorious strikes...
but it wasn't.
i'm a miserable failure at bowling.
i will say, however, that i get strikes at VERY opportune moments.
and i got another one later...
right after being told i couldn't.
it was a lovely moment. was SUCH a blast.
i nearly went hoarse that night from screaming.
and i did the splits after every "bowl." 
(splits as it slide until i can slide no farther and then struggle back to the upright position)

and guess who's headed to go bowling just a few minutes...
that's right.
*wishing for more amazingly victorious strikes*
do you have any tips for me??

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