Monday, August 15, 2011

in which we cleaned and organized...and were glad to do it.

we're back from joplin, mo!
i have so many memories carried with me from this trip.
and all of the amazing friends i spent this time with.
it was a lovely week.

going to joplin wasn't just to perform "earnest" (though that was our main objective). 
the church we were staying at had been housing thousands of volunteers all summer long, and were sorely in need of some help cleaning up.
there was much sweeping, cleaning of windows, etc.

the church also housed a very large distribution center, where LOTS of donations were constantly being left to give to the tornado victims.
thus, there was much organizing of donations as well. 
morgan and i tackled the diapers...and, with assistance from others, created a very lovely display...organized by size and everything.
we were very proud of the orderliness of it all. :)

this is how we spent tuesday and wednesday.
and we were SO glad to be able to help this church.
however...this was only the beginning of our many adventures.
stay tuned for more!

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