Thursday, September 15, 2011

getting to know you! :)

i've been seeing these floating around and thought it would be such fun to write one!
soooo...a-z about me.
(would love to hear yours too!)

A. Age: 17

B. Bed size: Twin! (with a lovely quilt and big fluffy case you wanted to know)
C. Chore that you hate: laundry...oh laundry. and folding socks (CURSE YOU SOCK MONSTER!!)
D. Dogs: we have a new puppy named millie. she is my pride and joy.

E. Essential start to your day: lately it's been a small puppy darting all across my room...very pleasant...
F. Favorite color: yellow. yellow. yellow.
G. Gold or Silver: i suppose! it has a more vintage feel to it, i think. (and is very similar to YELLOW!)
H. Height: 5’3" not terribly short unless around tall people.
I. Instruments you play: let's see guitar, fiddle, clarinet, and ukulele.
J. Job title: student...up and coming seamstress and photographer
K. Kids: i hope to have many! someday. :)
L. Live: TEXAS...where everything is larger than life.
M. Mother’s name: adam and eve...though it's supposed to be pronounced evie.
N. Nicknames: becka, becky, becky sue sue, becs, rebe, and rebeccabellaruski (little sister...don't ask)
O. Overnight hospital stays: about two weeks in south IV in one hand and i had just broken my arm, so a cast on the other. miserable...miserable.
P. Pet peeves: going up the down side of the staircase is one...but i have oh so many more.
Q. Quote from a movie: "i'm not saying she was very silly...but one of us was very silly...and it wasn't me." wives and daughters. probably one of my favorite movies EVER.
R. Right or left handed: right!
S. Siblings: an older brother, two older sisters, and a younger sister. (plus a sister-in-law...if that counts)
U. Umbrellas: i really really REALLY want a bright yellow umbrella. really a lot.
V. Vegetable you hate: sweet potatoes. GAG ME WITH A SPOON!
W. What makes you run late: picking out something to wear. oy.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: teeth. foot. arm.
Y. Yummy food that you make: cookie dough cupcakes are my best and my favorite. and pumpkin cookies. and MINI PIES!! yesssss.
Z. Zoo animal: llamas and camels. squee! i love them so.

i love making lists and filling out questionnaires.
and i would love to hear your a-z's and get to know you better!
please share a link in the comments section if you do it too! :)

xo, rebecca jane

p.s. it's 60 degrees outside today...and i couldn't be happier!!!

p.p.s. michelle is having a birthday party tomorrow...nancy drew and i are working on creating a mystery for them to's going to be fabulous.

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