Thursday, September 29, 2011

a painting. (i feel famous!)

this april, at the last civil war reenactment i attended, i was asked to pose for a painting.
i was mounted on to a demon horse (in costume!!) and sat ready to have some pictures taken.
i haven't seen the actual painting until last night!!
it is so incredible and detailed.
i kind of feel famous...

this is one of the pictures taken while we posed.
for the story behind the painting (about the nellie and melvina grandstaff saving the ediburg, va mill) you can go here.
i think it's terribly fascinating!!

xo, rebecca jane

p.s. i'm the one in the hat ;)


Sophie Covey said...

Oh it's so fun to be famous! (or at least between you and I and those who know... :) And yes, you're right when you said "It's terribly fascinating!" :)

Patience said...

Just found out that the two men in the painting are from our group. How fun to know the famous subjects!