Saturday, September 3, 2011

the search for the perfect pup.

my little sister michelle is turning 10 in a few days and what she wanted more than anything else was a pet.
we narrowed down "a pet" to "a puppy"
and we narrowed down "a puppy" to three very special pups.
pup 1 (above) was a pound puppy.
so very cute and sweet...
unfortunately we had no way of knowing how big she was going to get, and we were really wanting a tiny dog.

pups two and three (above) were cute little papillion pups.
they have the biggest ears...and are just precious!
i don't know if you've ever heard of a papillion...but apparently they're a very old breed...and it seems that marie antoinette had one that went all the way to the guillotine with her.
(no they didn't guillotine the pup too.)

p.s. we got puppy three. her name is millie and she is a doll...we've had a LOT of different dogs, but this one is already definitely in the top three!


marvelousme said...

My aunt actually has two papillions, and they have SO much personality! It's actually really funny! The baby, scooter, likes to do drive-by toe licks! It's so gross and funny at the same time :)

Congrats! I really do love this breed of dogs. Did you know that their name means "butterfly" in French, because their ears are shaped like butterfly wings?

Lilla said...

Your doggie is the cutest! I've never heard about this breed before but I already love it! I am sure your sister (and your whole family, actually) will love Millie! :)