Friday, October 28, 2011

go team raoul!

we are an obsessed group of people when it comes to phantom of the opera.
we have t-shirts (designed by ME).
we sing the songs...mimicking the public places.
and have debates on the true nature of the characters.

and i've no shame in saying...

who's team are YOU on??

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pumpkins! aka...i love fall.

last weekend, after an all day rehearsal (what? rehearsal? oh right...i forgot you didn't know...more on that soon!) we went to pick up some pumpkins and head to a fall party!!
this was my first pumpkin picking out experience.
and, consequently, my first pumpkin carving experience.
so don't judge my "mustache" pumpkin which happens to look like two fish kissing.
stop laughing.
i think it's beautiful.

fall is kind of my favorite season...ever. and i'm so ready for it this year, after such a HOT summer.
i love wearing tights, long sleeves, sweaters, leg warmers, hats, boots...eee! just thinking about it makes me excited!'s still in the 80's here.

but fall is here (technically), and i am still wearing my leg warmers, tights, long sleeves, sweaters, and hats...even if it's still hot outside!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

jane austen festival!

two weeks ago my dear friend atlanta and i had a little adventure.
alright...a HUGE adventure!!!
so much happened that atlanta is doing a series of blog posts.
all about our booth at the jane austen festival!
i'll just fill you in with the most exciting moments!

photoshoots in costume.
driving downtown in a huge pick-up.
setting up a BOOTH! *so cute*
meeting people from wales, scotland, england, and australia.
being offered a glass of port by a british gent.
hearing said british gent say "jolly good" "hello, what's this?" and "three bells"
meeting the sweetest ladies selling tea.
having a booth right next to juliet mcmaster.
being interviewed by BBC TV!!!
seeing people shopping/looking through your wares.
the list goes on and on.

probably the most exhausting/exciting weekend of my life.
for more details and pictures...visit atlanta's blog!

Monday, October 24, 2011

painting leaves. pies. and surprises.

two weeks ago i got to be a part of planning a surprise birthday party for one of my dearest friends, maddy. at first it was to be a picnic...but then it it was changed into an indoor picnic/tea party. the night before the "big day" i remembered my promise of producing two pies for the event. so at 11pm as it was raining and everyone had gone to bed...i stayed up baking pies. it was kind of the most peaceful, happy moment of my life. next time it's late and it starts to rain...i'm totally baking some pies.

   the next day, after church, i drove maddy to my house and we painted leaves as her mother and sister rushed home to set up the party at *her* house. i'm just going to say...those were probably the most stressful hours of my life. i HATE keeping it was hard not to burst as we were painting leaves and she was talking about still trying to figure out what to do for her birthday. she was...clueless.

after splashing in some mud-puddles, i drove her home. she wanted to go into the house through the garage...and i, knowing everyone was by the front door ready to yell "surprise" made up a silly excuse of not liking to go through other people's garages because it made me feel awkward. somehow she believed me...and we walked through the front door. everyone yelled. someone grabbed her from the side. she squealed. and i began to shake violently because it was over.

the party was a hit. she was surprised. and i was exhausted. but it was so worth it...!!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

goodbye summer internship.

this summer i had the most AMAZING experience interning at casa manana. i learned more than i could have imagined. i met wonderful people. and i really strengthened my love and appreciation for theatre (and especially the people that work behind the scenes).

it would be impossible to fully describe what all i participated in...but here's a little sampling.
betty buckley awards: i was smiled at by a famous person. and taped microphones on stranger's faces. 
dark week: i helped clean hundreds of stage lights. swept the stage more times than i could count. helped with a deep clean of the costume warehouse. helped clean the set shop. saved a baby bird and was nearly killed by a hobo (...possible exaggeration).
into the woods jr camp: acted as assistant stage manager (ASM) for a week. helped fit costumes. was a backstage quick change helper. fixed hair, did pincurls, and put on wigs.
AND secret garden: helped fit and alter costumes for the show. quick change helper, again. helped with wigs (WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!)

ryleigh came to see a show of secret garden. so sweet.

i'm hoping (and have been asked) to go back soon and help again in costumes.
however, i won't be able to until january.
i'm busy with another show right now...
what is it...?
well...that's a secret...until tomorrow, that is.

xo, rebecca jane

p.s. don't you love suspense?