Friday, October 28, 2011

go team raoul!

we are an obsessed group of people when it comes to phantom of the opera.
we have t-shirts (designed by ME).
we sing the songs...mimicking the public places.
and have debates on the true nature of the characters.

and i've no shame in saying...

who's team are YOU on??


Rachel and Sarah said...

Team Raoul! He's got an amazing voice, a strong character, and a sweet personality. I pity the Phantom, but he's far too....clutchy for my taste. :P

Tasha said...

Oh, Team Raoul all the way!

Just for fun I designed blog buttons for Team Raoul and Team Phantom. Here's a link, in case you'd like to see them:)


Celia said...

*Gasp* that is AWESOME! Infinitely awesomer (I know, that's not a word) than "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" from Twilight! You should totally sell the t-shirts. =D

SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha! Oh definitely team Raoul!! My friend and I have spirited debates about who's better! So funny! You should sell these t's on Etsy. :)


Corbyjane said...

Raoul. Emotionally traumatised human beings aren't the greatest boyfriends. ;)

This is awesome...Team Raoul and Team Erik is the original "Team Spike & Team Angel"... which I'll have you know we were fighting about a whole ten years before Twilight, lol.

Victoria said...

Ohmgosh I LOVE your shirts! That is the most awesome idea. :)

I'm on Team Raoul too, though it's only Team-Leroux-Raoul, because I've never seen the film. But in the book, he definitely wins over Mr. Creepy Phantom Stalker any day.

Oh, and never fear, I DO know the songs from the film, and actually I have sung them with friends in semi-public places before! :D

- Victoria (

SisterlyLove said...

HA! Oh yes... Team Raoul. I'm so in.